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More than a Princess (More Than a Princess, #1) From E D Baker, A Magical New Series About A Heroic Princess Who S Than She Seems And A Kingdom Whose Fate Rests In Her Hands.Aislin Is Than Just A Princess She S Half Fairy And Half Pedrasi, With Magical Gifts That Let Her Draw Strength From The Wilderness Around Her When She S Captured And Used As Bait Between Two Warring Kingdoms, She Must Find A Way To Break Free Of Their Plot While Also Minding The Human Princesses She Encounters, Conventionally Beautiful Girls Who Are All Too Ready To Point Out Her Differences Thankfully, Aislin S Inner Strength Goes Beyond Her Magical Qualities, And With A Few Loyal Friends By Her Side, She S Ready To Stand Up For Herself And Her Kingdom.E D Baker, Whose Books Have Sold Over 1 Million Copies, Offers A Classic, Original Fairy Tale That Celebrates Beauty And Goodness In All Its Shapes And Sizes, Sure To Delight Readers Who Love Magic, Suspense, Girl Power, And Adventure.

[[ PDF / Epub ]] ★ More than a Princess (More Than a Princess, #1)  Author E.D. Baker – Survivingtheholocaust.us
  • Hardcover
  • 288 pages
  • More than a Princess (More Than a Princess, #1)
  • E.D. Baker
  • English
  • 15 June 2019
  • 9781681197685

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    A fun light adventure, when you finally get to it The beginning of the book includes a whole lot of world building which was rather tedious at times Aislin is a very likable heroine but a little too perfect and powerful, I never felt that any threat to her or her people was particularly serious And I think her naivete in the human world was vastly underplayed consider...

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    More than Just a Princess is a wonderful read I love the plot of going on a journey to protect and help one s family for myself and the underlying messages of inner beauty, honesty, and communication for my daughters.I can always count on E D Baker for stories that are decidedly good and beautiful.

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    More than a Princess is a story about a young princess named Aislin She is part fairy and part pedrasi and throughout the story she learns to embrace who she truly is in an attempt to save her kingdom I love how Aislin is willing to make sacrifices for her family and takes charge of her own future This is an inspiring book for all ages, but I believe that it would most appea...

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    E.D Baker s More Than A Princess is a book of magic, power, and undying love and friendship A fun filled fantasy of friendly characters and ones you re sure to despise, More Than A Princess is a book you re sure to read again and again Princess Aislin of Eliasind is a thoughtful, brave, and lovable princess who would do anything to protect her family When an evil king tries to enter her castle and hurt her family, Aislin turns herself in for their safety After sending a couple spies out, Aislin begins to realize that she s not safe in the castle But if she escapes, what would happen to Tomas, a kind boy who was captured from his own kingdom, and the king s daughter, a princess with a bad reputation but might be different than Aislin thinks I think that people who like to read Jessica Day George s books would enjoy More Than A Princess I like Aislin because she s kind and would do anything for her family s safety She doesn t lose her temper easily even when...

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    kidlitexchange partner Thanks to the lovely kidlitexchange network for a review copy of this book All opinions are my own More Than A Princess E.D Baker Release date November 6, 2018 If you re a fan of flower fairies , talking dolls, unicorns magical powers and most of all,strong and ingenuous girls who will save a kingdom, you ll love E.D Baker s More Than a Princess, the latest from the author who brought you The Frog Princess inspiration for Disney s The Princess and the Frog Some will really enjoy I know I was channeling overly precious 8 year old me so hard in the descriptions of the magical kingdom of Eliasind and all the different powers of the magical creatures within but what will really linger in your mind is the lovely message that this book sends how princess Aislin overlooks the mean girls ta...

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    This middle grade fantasy sets up an expansive world ripe for further explanation Princess Aislin is half fairy and half pedrasi a rock affinity people and lives in a hidden kingdom with other magical people Unexpected human visitors mean that she has to leave to protect her kingdom s secrets There she has mystery and intrigue to solve, along with her fairy friend and magic doll I didn t love the trope of her being taken to be a potential suitor for a human prince, but that device is quickly turned on its head I did appreciate Aislin s kindness, respect, and search for peaceful options The use of magic was fun too Fans of middle grade fantasy will enjoy...

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    More Than a Princess introduces readers to Aislin of Eliasind Aislin is half fairy and half pedrasi, a new being created by Baker who get their power from rocks All of the magical creatures fairies, pedrasi, sprites, gnomes, trolls, et al live in a realm kept separate from the humans by a magical passageway When Aislin finds a group of humans have entered her kingdom, she passes herself off as human to save her kingdom from discovery Unfortunately, she winds up being taken back into the human realm for her safety In their castle Aislin finds lies, back stabbing, and generally awful people She has to be the bigger person and rely on her own inner strength and some stowaway friends to get back to her family.I wasn t certain about this book when I first started reading it We love the Wide Awake Princess series, but I couldn t really get into Aislin and her story Then right around page 100 the whole thing came alive and I was completely sucked into the story.When Aislin finds herself in the human castle, the depth of her character, her ingenuity, and an immense inner strength ...

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    Ugh E.D Baker is a true middle grade queen.I LOVED THIS I have been a fan of E.d bakers writing since I was a young teen and I always know I can count on her to write a fun fantasy that makes my heart happy This book is about a girl named Aislin whose half padrasi and half fairy, she then gets kipnapped and is thrown between two warring kingdoms I cannot say how much I enjoyed this main character she was strong, smart, independent, and did whatever she could to keep her family and friends safe The plot wasn t out of this world, but it s a fantasy middle grade so it was good for the age genre Now onto my big thoughts They were many fatphobic comments Our main character is described as plump , which was a shock as the girl on the cover doesn t show that Throughout most of the book she is ridiculed for her size and look This all comes as a surprise to her because she had always been raised to just think of herself as NOTHING IS WRONG WITH HER BODY There are several nasty comments about how she needs to wear certain clothes to look thinner, or certain colors and things along those lines BUT HERE S THE KICKER Y ALL THE REASON THIS WASN T PROBLEMATIC WAS BECAUSE THE COMMENTS WERE EXCLUSIVELY MADE BY MEAN EVIL CHARACTERS When other good characters heard these comments being made they called out the people for saying them and continued to tell Aislin that she s fine and beautiful...

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    This book is about a princess called Aislin She is actually half fairy half pedrasi Pedrasi is a kingdom were magical people can pull magic out of stones When a human king brings Aislin to his kingdom in the human world, she feels like she s in a whole new world She finds out that the human king only wants to use her to force her parents for directions to a nearby kingdom to start a war I like this book because there is a lot of fantasy, adventure and a lot of exciting things happen A big reason why I like E.D Baker s books are because of the romance But compared to the author s other books, this book has less romance and in my opinion, could use a lot My favourite part is at the end, the author uses a lot of detail in describing what happens, that I feel like I m also in the book If you like reading E.D Baker s books ...

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    In this new book we are introduced to our main character the Princess Aislin of the magical kingdom of Eliasind a place where magical creatures of all kinds are welcome to live in peace under the rule of the fairy king and his wife the pedrasi princess Once a human king enters their lands and disrupts the balance in their kingdom that was hidden from the human world ages ago for safety, Aislin ventures on a journey to the human world to uncover secrets with her fairy friend Poppy and her living doll Twinket and some new human friends picked up along the way This magical sto...

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