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The Missing Piece of Charlie OReilly Charlie O Reilly Is An Only Child Which Is Why It Makes Everyone Uncomfortable When He Talks About His Brother Liam, His Eight Year Old Kid Brother, Who, Up Until A Year Ago, Slept In The Bunk Above Charlie, Took Pride In Being As Annoying As Possible, And Was The Only Person Who Could Make Charlie Laugh Until It Hurt.Then Came The Morning When The Bunk, And Liam, Disappeared Forever No One Even Remembers Him Not Charlie S Mother, Who Has Been Lost In Her Own Troubles And Not Charlie S Father, Who Is Gone Frequently On Business Trips The Only Person Who Believes Charlie Is His Best Friend, Ana Even If She Has No Memory Of Liam, She Is As Determined As Charlie Is To Figure Out What Happened To Him.The Search Seems Hopeless Until Charlie Receives A Mysterious Note, Written In Liam S Handwriting The Note Leads Charlie And Ana To Make Some Profound Discoveries About A Magic They Didn T Know Existed, And They Soon Realize That If They Re Going To Save Liam, They May Need To Risk Being Forgotten Themselves, Forever.

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    I received an ARC copy of this book from EdelweissThis was such a fun book I don t want to get too into the plot because it actually gets pretty involved for a middle grade book at least and throws a few curve balls at you towards the end, but I will just say that I was actually worried a bit about the length of the book before I started and once I got into it, it ...

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    E ARC from Edelweiss PlusFor the last year, Charlie has maintained that he used to have a younger brother named Liam, but he disappeared one night and no one in his family ever remembered him All of his things were just gone Charlie s best friend Ana supports him, even if she doesn t completely believe him, and Charlie needs this support because for the last year his mother has been so depressed that she doesn t even care for him properly As the anniversary of the disappearance approaches, Charlie is determined to find out what happened, and gets a tip to check with Jonathon, a teen coach for his baseball team Jonathon confirms that Charlie could be right he himself was once gone, but chose to return The problem is that Liam has wished that he was never born, and his wish was granted Johnathon was in a similar position he injured his brother badly, but one he disappeared, so did the brother s injuries , and not just creeps on his family, since they no longer recognize him He knows a way that Charlie can get Liam back, but it wil...

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    This was a book that had pieces that fit together seamlessly and pieces you struggled to see how and where they would fit But once they did and you saw it all put together, it was amazing.

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    Thank you to the author for providing a copy of The Missing Piece of Charlie O Reilly to collabookation for review Review Remember when you were a kid and in a fit of sadness regret rage you wished you had never been born This book walks Charlie and his brother, Liam, down that path.Last year Charlie went to bed on the eve of his birthday hoping he d be gifted his own room His little brother Liam is driving him crazy When he wakes, Liam isn t in his room any, but he isn t anywhere else either When he finds that his parents have no recollection of a little brother named Liam, Charlie s life changes forever Ansari creates a stunning world of melancholic mystery A complex cast of characters all help to put the puzzle together and the mystery is multifaceted and intriguing Several elements were especially appealing to me the unbreak...

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    The mystery of The Missing Piece of Charlie O Reilly involves what happened between these two brothers, we know it was something major, but what could ve been so bad that caused one brother to make a wish leading to the disappearance of the other Early in the story, Charlie begins to have bad dreams, images of himself during the 1800s in Ireland and then later immigrating to the United States He s not quite sure whether the dreams are trying to tell him something, but he feels a connection exists between him and the people in his dreams Then mysterious things begin to happen at home, his comic books have been rifled through and a note appears telling him to talk to his assistant baseball coach, Jonathan It s Jonathan who helps fill in the details about what might have happened to Liam Jonathan relays that he was a child who once disappeared and had his existence eliminated after he made a wish to never be born Yet, now he s back, although none of his family recognizes him Jonathan believes that he has a way for Charlie to get his brother back and with Ana s help they develop a plan to find Liam Jonathan, Charlie, and Ana enter the Asylum for Orphaned Children, a place th...

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    Charlie can t understand why nobody can remember his little brother Liam, not even their parents But he s determined to figure out what happened And to get him back Regrets and runaways Dreams and dual timelines Local history and dilapidated landmarks Believing and best friends Forever and facing the consequences This is a difficult book to pige...

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    J Fiction always helps me relax during stressful times When I first started this book, I wasn t too thrilled it seemed a little cliche, predictable, especially the dialogue but I started to enjoy it a lot as I got further along I got sucked in as both the plot and characters thicken, and was delighted by a twist I didn t see coming at all The Irish history intertwined with the modern storyline definitely added interesting layers Overall, the ch...

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    Couldn t put this down

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    Read the flagged passage on my blog post I ll wait Welcome back Those are the first few paragraphs of the book Wow, right One of my favorite beginnings ever, and I was so excited to share it with anyone who would listen I tweeted it, I read it to my students, I read it to anyone And yes, the rest of the book lives up to the expectations of that amazing start.I was so impressed with the crafting of this novel, specifically as a debut novel The author combines narratives, adds twists and turns, and keeps you guessing throughout the novel The direction you think the novel is going to go is ever changing so predictions are impossible to make All of these aspects made for an enjoyable novel that, as the name suggests, is a puzzle waiting to be put together.Rebecca K.S Ansari also did a wonderful job threading different big ideas throughout the book acceptance, guilt, friendship, hope, trust, depression Different sections of the book highlight these different big ideas and could be used for great discussions The book also, as you can see, deals with some really tough and dark big ideas, but I think this narrative will give many students a jumping off point for talking about some of the struggles and ideas in Charlie s story.And the characters in the book are well crafted and multi dimensional Each character has a full story that is developed to allow the reader to truly get to know the world that C...

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    Compelling, complex and creepy mystery.

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