Free ↠ Controversies in the Epistles By David Criswell –

Controversies in the Epistles The Sixth In The Biblical Controversies Series, Controversies In The Epistles Examines Theological Debates, Textual Criticism, Apostolic Authenticity, As Well As Historical Criticisms And Accusations With Over Two Thousand Endnotes From Respected Scholars Throughout History Dr Criswell Examines Questions Like Does The Bible Advocate Slavery Did Paul Hate Women Have The Gifts Of The Spirit Passed Away Did James Believe Salvation By Works Did The Apostles Believe The End Of The World Would Happen In Their Lifetimes These Are But A Few Of The Controversies Addressed With Quotations From Hundreds Of Scholars From The Church Fathers To The Present Reader Will Be Able To Judge The Answers For Themselves And Be Better Equipped To Respond To Bible Critics.

Free ↠ Controversies in the Epistles  By David Criswell –
  • Paperback
  • 530 pages
  • Controversies in the Epistles
  • David Criswell
  • 07 February 2019
  • 9780692290217

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