[PDF] ↠ The Sale of Woodhouse Glass Author K.J. Watters – Survivingtheholocaust.us

The Sale of Woodhouse Glass Touching And Intelligent, The Sale Of Woodhouse Glass Isn T Your Ordinary Romance Kali Woodhouse Is A Widowed Mother Of Two Who Spends Her Days Running Her Deceased Husband S Business, Woodhouse Glass, And Flirting With The Town Police Officer, Who Is Exactly Right For Her In Every Way He S Certainly A Better Choice Than The Bad Boy, Screw Up She S Known Since Childhood, And Who Just So Happens To Need A Job And Has The Necessary Skills For Woodhouse Glass No, This Isn T The Generic Storyline You Ve Seen Before With Flat Characters Who Play Their Roles According To The Formula Watters Eschews Cliche And Instead Tells A Touching Story About Love, Loss, Family, And Finding Happiness Again After Tragedy Author Of Someone Else S Fairytale E.M Tippetts

[PDF] ↠ The Sale of Woodhouse Glass  Author K.J. Watters – Survivingtheholocaust.us
  • Paperback
  • 188 pages
  • The Sale of Woodhouse Glass
  • K.J. Watters
  • English
  • 21 June 2018
  • 9781938852145

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    This was a surprise read Neither the cover nor the title appealed to me I am one who judges books by their covers and likely wouldn t have gotten around to reading this one However I agreed to a review so had to follow through on my commitment to at least give it a try I ended up sucked into the story and thoroughly enjoyed it It s a love triangle which I typically hate But this one worked for me I loved both men and while I knew from the beginning who Kali should end up...

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    The Sale of Woodhouse Glass made me angry In my humble opinion, she chose the wrong manbut the author may have insight I do not It also made me cry, laugh, saddened me, made me want to hug my husband and kids tighter and longer, made me want to tell the people I love that I love them It made me thankful to live in the kind of place that s small enough to support small businesses, the kind of place where people would care if a child was missing It made me think about the effects of trauma on our law enforcement officers, and express gratitude that they do their jobs when it s SO hard It made me understand a little better the challenges our returning veterans may face, and what an honest chance can do for someone s future It made me think a little...

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    A well written and touching tale of real life romance with all of its confusion and chaos A widow with small children, a business left to her by her late husband and two men vying for a place in her heart This is full of realistic hurdles that everyday life throws at you People who make real mistakes People who are confused about real feelings It doesn t sweep you off your feet and into wedded bliss It starts out with wedded bliss and knocks you for a loop.As an independent reviewer for Paranormal Romance and Authors that Rock, I had to give this four full fangs for fantastic romance without the tiniest hint of sex Some fli...

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    I loved this book It s a romance with realistic issues, not misunderstandings that are contrived for the story to exist though there was one part where I felt like a mother did not do what I think I, as a mother, would have done Also, there was a compelling draw to both male protagonists you can t really tell...

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    Kali s story is a poignant tale of loss and the feelings that accompany trying to step into another person s shoes, finding a new normal, and beginning to start over Watters excels in telling a story of love that had me guessing until the very end Most love triangles have very clear winners and losers from the very beginning, but this novel didn t read that way The reason she might love tw...

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    A page turner and sweet story about how one woman picks up her life after the devastating loss of her husband, all while trying to run his business and be mom to her two small children It quickly becomes a long triangle that has you rooting for pretty much both Park...

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    This was a wonderful book,very different from the Contemporary Romances I usually read and I was hooked from the first word.I was impressed with how Kali worked through her grief and start running the family business w...

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    I really enjoyed this book It captured my interest right from the start and never let it go The characters are all well drawn and believable I especially loved the different dynamics of each relationship and the variety of emotions I fe...

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    I thoroughly enjoyed It was so refreshing to read a romance that was not slathered in sex and violence I was very impressed that this is a first time author She told this story in a way that I stayed interested all the way though The last 6 chapters killed me...

  10. says:

    I was asked to read this to give a review on Don t judge me It was pretty dumb.

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