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The Sunset Harbor School For Naughty Girls Three Young Ladies Each Guilty Of Minor Sexual Misconduct Are Sent By Their Parents To The Sunset Harbor School For Naughty Girls To Learn To Behave Properly But Little Do They Know That Sunset Harbor And Its School Are In Reality Owned And Run By Fabulously Wealthy Individuals With Particular Sexual Preferences, And That The Girls Who Are Sent There Learn Far Than The Three R S.Follow The Adventures Of Rachel, Lara, And Frederica As Dr Scott And Mrs Lomond Teach Them, Through The Assistance Of The Paddle, Strap, Cane, And Other, Even Interesting Methods, To Be Proper Young Ladies Who Know How To Serve Their Wealthy Employers Every Need And Desire.

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    O M G and WOW This is not like any school you have heard of before Dr Scott and Mrs Lomond are the teachers at this school where young ladies are sent for immodest acts For the three new students, Rachel, Frederica and Lara, that included masturbation, watching porn and giving a boy a blow job These 18 year old girls will learn all kinds of new lessons that will make them highly sought after once they graduate and bidding begins But these lesson are also enforced with paddling, strap and cane Reading material includes the Story of O along with several other erotica writings This story not only contains both consensual and non consensual elements, harsh punishments in the form of spankings with both male and female dominants, Lesbian ...

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    Sunset Harbor School for Naughty Girls by Emily TiltonThis was an interesting story Lara, Frederica and Rachel are sent to this school because Martin Scott, the headmaster, thinks that he sees submission in them They have all shocked their families by indulging in sex, one way or another Rachel had been caught masturbating, Frederica had been seen giving her boyfriend a blowjob and Lara had just confided, unwisely, to her doctor that she had watched a porn video on the internet once So their parents found this school that is supposed to help them get over these urges But, really, it s a school to train submissives They are given a choice, of sorts To leave or stay, but they all choose to stay And, they are punished and trained I enjoyed reading this story Once you get past the ...

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    For this being a school for naughty girls, I was expecting a little discipline.

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