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How The Helicopter Changed Modern Warfare Walter Boyne Has Made What Could Be A Prosaic Subject Read Like One Of His Thrillers It Never Slows And Is Packed With An Immense Amount Of Information And Sometimes Alarming, But Illuminating, Insights This Guy Is Good Budd Davisson, Editor In Chief, Flight Journal Magazine Anyone Interested In Helicopters Or Flying Generally Will Find This Book Indispensable Philip Handleman, Handleman Filmworks In Yet Another Home Run, Walter Boyne Sets Forth And Definitively Explains The Transformational Importance The Helicopter Has Gained On American Battlefields From Korea To Iraq And Afghanistan This Is An Insightful And Thought Provoking Book Eric Hammel, Author, The Road To Big WeekThe Vertical Lift Aircraft Was A Unique Invention When Introduced To Combat During World War II Since Then, It Has Changed The Way We Perform Transport, Soldier Extraction, And Close Air Support Carefully Cataloging The Steps From Idealistic Concept To Fantastic Killing Machine, This Historical Overview Touches On The Major Points Of The Helicopter S Developmental Journey.The Helicopter Has Proven Advantageous In Overcoming Problematic Geography And Terrain And Has Empowered The United States Military In Ways Previously Unimaginable Unfortunately A Combination Of Factors, Including Arguments Over The Machine S Role In The Military, Operating Costs, Maintenance, And The Increased Attention Toward Nuclear Weapons, Has Stalled Its Progress Blaming Congress And The Department Of Defense For This Irresponsible Oversight, This Account Simultaneously Pays Tribute To All Those Who Made The Technological Advancements Possible.Walter J Boyne Cofounded The Cable Channel Wingspan, The Air And Space Channel, Which Was Bought Out By The Discovery Channel In 1998 Since Then He Has Appeared As A Commentator, Discussing Aviation, Space, And Military Events On Broadcast Networks And On Such Cable Channels As The History Channel, AE, The Discovery Channel, And The Military Channel Boyne, A Retired Air Force Colonel, Was Inducted Into The National Aviation Hall Of Fame In 2007 And Was Awarded The Lifetime Achievement Medal By The Air Force Association In 2010 He Is The Author Of Than Fifty Fiction And Nonfiction Books On His Subject Of Expertise, Including The Influence Of Air Power Upon History, Available From Pelican He Resides In Silver Spring, Maryland, With His Wife, Terri.

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    As always, Walt Boyne has delivered a book that goes beyond just the history of the subject He has managed to take the history of the military development and use of the helicopter from its inception to today s battlefields and beyond, while keeping it all in context I can t imagine another military aviation historian handling this subject better.Boyne describes the first combat search and rescue mission, of a downed liaison pilot and his three wounded passengers, flown by a US Army pilot in a newfangled Sikorsky YR 4B deep in the jungles of Burma He then traces the subsequent development of military helicopter aviation, complete with the service rivalries and political machinations that alternately helped and hindered progress.I found his in depth approach to the helicopter s coming of age during the Vietnam War of particular value Boyne, as usual, pulls no punches when describing the tactical, strategic, and political decisions, and blunders, that surrounded the growing combat importance of the helicopter The history of how the employment of the helicopter surmounted technical shortcomings with in the field innovations and the sheer bravado and courage of the aircrews.This book, however, does not present a myopic, US only viewpoint No, Boyne delves into the world of Soviet Russian helicopter development and employment And it does not end with descriptions of th...

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    Enjoyable, solid book.

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