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Bare BlassBill Blass Is An American Legend From The Moment He Arrived In New York From His Native Indiana, A Kid Of Seventeen With Good Looks And Charm, He Was Determined To Be A Success In Fashion.Bill Blass Was At The Intersection Of American Fashion And Society For Fifty Years He Was The First Designer To Break Out Of The Back Rooms Of Seventh Avenue And Be Welcomed Into The Drawing Rooms Of New York To Put His Name On A Variety Of Products, Including Automobiles And To Travel Across This Country, Meeting And Dressing Women Who Were Taste Makers In Their Towns.With Refreshing, Unapologetic Candor And With Than Eighty Rarely Seen Photographs, Bare Blass Reveals The Story Of An American Original.

[Read] ➮ Bare Blass ➶ Bill Blass – Survivingtheholocaust.us
  • Paperback
  • Bare Blass
  • Bill Blass
  • English
  • 24 September 2018
  • 9780060556303

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    The first few chapters are the most interesting, mostly because that s where Blass talks about his participation in the Ghost Army during WWII beyond that, it s kind of sad Not sad because it was filled with tragedy, just a seemingly sad existence there is no substance, no evolution of character, just the acquisition of fashion years and names to drop And even those names are depressing, as unless ...

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    I m sure this is a good approximation of what it would be like to chat with the glamorous but rough designer Bill Blass If you are unfamiliar or can t stomach pages of socialite name dropping from the latter half of the 20th century then flip forward to page 121...

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    This book was written by the designer, Bill Blass shortly before his death It deals primarily with his life after he arrived in New York Little information is given about how he worked The book contains numerous photos including some in color It was an easy read.

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    This is an all time favorite I had to re read this because Bill s voice is so compelling He begins his narration reminiscent of Robert Evans narration of his auto bio pic, The Kid Stays in the Picture Irreverent, self effacing and funny.Bill s story is interesting because he defied the conventions of fashion industry in the early days As a gay designer, he refused to be boxed in to any expectation of femininity Bill was a man s man as well as a lady s man Interesting too, he inadvertently offers some pyschology of why he was at once so beloved, but distant Grew up during the Great Depression, his father committed suicide early in his life and left his mother a widow, with a cloud of stigma that buried questions and sentimentality.Bill had a sense of humor about his snobbishness, which made him unpretentious, unlike Halston...

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    I am rereading this wonderful book after finding it on a shelf completely forgotten about from years ago In his own words Mr Blass writes fairly candidly about his life Some areas in a bit depth than others It is a charming, witty, debanoir, look at one of the greatest tastemakers of our time Some great quotes my f...

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    A very unique and intriguing man.

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