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Monsters, Inc. Read Aloud Storybook (Monsters, Inc.)The Barnes Noble ReviewFrom The Creators Of Toy Story, Toy Story 2, And A Bug S Life Comes The Monstrously Funny Animated Feature, Monsters, Inc Featuring A Frightfully Funny Cast Of Monsters, This Awesome Movie Shows How The Furry, Slimy, And Sometimes One Eyed Bunch Has To Scare Kids In Order To Survive In The City Of Monstropolis, Their Screams Are Energy But When A Little Girl Enters Their World, It S The Monsters Who Are Terrified.After Viewing This Wonderfully Creative And Hilarious Movie, We Could Easily See Kids Clamoring For Monsters, Day In And Day Out What Could Be A Perfect Companion To The Movie Than A Storybook Released In The Reputable Line Of Disney S Read Aloud Storybooks, Monsters, Inc Is Now Available Every Night For Your Child S Reading Pleasure Relive The Magic Again And Again As Kids Follow Mike And Sulley Through This Crazy Adventure Retold With Lively Language Matched With Spirited Illustrations, This A Great Choice For A Family ReadAmy Barkat

[[ Epub ]] ➞ Monsters, Inc. Read Aloud Storybook (Monsters, Inc.) Author Walt Disney Company – Survivingtheholocaust.us
  • Hardcover
  • 72 pages
  • Monsters, Inc. Read Aloud Storybook (Monsters, Inc.)
  • Walt Disney Company
  • 01 July 2017
  • 9780736412353

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    A entertaining childerens book about two good friends James sulliavian a big blue bear type creature and Mike Wazowski a one eyed green little monster they both work togethor as partners to scare little kids At thier job they compete with their rival Randall Boggs who cheats at any cost to beat James and Mike One day at work they stubble apon a little girl that escapes from thier scare doors which is a sorta magic type of door when open takes you to places.Mike and james both have to hurry and bring the girl back to the room before anyone notice because humans are not allowed in the monster world When they scare them they use scare meter which powers thier towns power So now James and randall have the little girl and now the towns gone crazy because a little girl escaped cause the town to run and scream in fright At work they stay low about having the little girl they let no one know and try and get her back to her home before someone finds out Randall there rival is has found out and is now trying to tell Henry J Watermoose lll thier boss and if he finds out he will be confinded by the FBI Randall now is trying to hurt the kid by puting her in a machine But before he can James sullivan saves her and takes her Now James and sullivan are put in a forbidden snow place sorta door and are now trying to find there way back to the monster home now they have meet the abominable snowman who h...

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    The movie seemed a tad too long for little kids but us BIG KIDS adored how the little girl pops into Monsters, Inc and their surprise as to what happens The book is just as good as the movie Monsters, oh MY

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    My children love reading this book at bedtime.

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    took me a seating to read it haha refreshed my memories on the story line so,, 10 minutes of reading or 1 hr and a half watching MOVIE of course the book could never portray boo s cuteness

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    This is a classic modern fantasy that is great for grades K 2 The book is humorous and entertaining to read to younger kids.

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    While not the worst story book based off of a movie I ve read, it could have been better That said, I think it was decent The book covered the man points of the movie without going into too many details while making i...

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    My 3 year old son picked this book up at the library He s very interested in monsters right now and loves this movie, so I thought it would be a fun book to read with him When we opened it up, the first thing I noticed was that it was very long, which is not ideal for his age because he gets bored easily As I started reading the book, the writing style seemed l...

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    I fell in love with this story ever since I saw the movie when I was little, and I was not disappointed after reading this book I thought that the book would leave out multiple details from the movie, making it seem as if they kept skipping parts There are certain parts of the story that are missing, but they are not significant enough to cause a drastic difference Therefore, the story ...

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    Walt Disney tells the story of a little girl that thinks monsters are in her closet However, these monsters are very endearing as they try to help her return home from being kidnapped The illustrations in this story jumps out from the page and always keep you laughing I woul...

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    retelling of the movie with movie stills

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