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Lotta's ProgressA Fictionalized Historical Story Of A Young Girl S Encounter With The Legendary Alcott Family By Louisa May Alcott S Award Winning Biographer, Norma Johnston.Lotta Muller S Family Has Come To American From Germany, Dreaming Of A Life Of Opportunity But Finding Only Cruel Disappointment In 19th Century Immigrant Boston None Of Them Speaks English And, With Lotta S Father Out Of Work, They Fall On Hard Times When Lotta Becomes Friends With Louisa May Alcott, They Are Rescued By The Alcott Family And, Through The Alcotts, Lotta Discovers A New World Of Books, Ideas, And The Possibility That She Can Live Her Dream.

[BOOKS] ✫ Lotta's Progress ✵ Norma Johnston – Survivingtheholocaust.us
  • Hardcover
  • 160 pages
  • Lotta's Progress
  • Norma Johnston
  • English
  • 14 January 2017
  • 9780380973675

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    Based on general readabilty and enjoyment, Norma Johnston s Lotta s Progress is or rather, it should be a solid three star offering not spectacular by any means, definitely a little too much stereotyping of Irish and German Americans at times, but the characters are generally well enough conceptualised and with generally sufficient nuance developed, even if the Alcott family does seem to appear a bit like a deus ex machina plot device, again and again rescuing members of the Muller family from one disaster, from one catastrophe after another.Further, in my opinion, after now having read a number of recent biographies on Louisa May Alcott, I do kind of feel that the author, that Norma Johnson has portrayed especially Bronson Alcott, as he was depicted and shown through the filter of Louisa May s daughterly love and respect in Little Women than how he actually seems to have been in real life, with many, if not most of his faults, his often rather problematic, even occasionally destructive eccentricities than being deliberately ignored That said, and these issues notwithstanding, I truly have enjoyed reading about Lotta and her family s struggles as 19th century German immigrants to the United States especially as it is often rather difficult to find recent English lan...

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