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Protector's HonorIt S Instinct When NCIS Agent Rory Farrell Hears A Woman Scream, He Reacts But Even After He Saves Her From Abduction, Rory Can T Get The Beautiful And Fragile Tabitha Beaumont Out Of His Mind Especially When He Finds A Connection Between Tabitha And His Latest Murder Investigation She Needs Protection Rory S Protection While Rory Needs Answers Tabitha Doesn T Even Realize She Holds Yet How Can He Find The Truth Without Betraying Tabitha S Trust Soon, Rory Must Decide What Matters Most Keeping His Objective Distance, Or Keeping Tabitha, In His Arms And Under His Protection, Forever.

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    I loved this book It had a handsome Hero Tabitha also won over my Heart I normally don t read Christian books, but this book I couldn t put down It had lots of action parts that kept me on the edge of my seat It also had those tender moments that had me saying awww how sweet I loved that the charactors had strong morals The message in the book was my favorite part Our situation may seem impossible, but nothing is impossible to God I would recommend this book for all loves action and romance books.Here is a sample from chapter 8.Authorized vehicles of all shapes and sizes lined the street in front of Tabitha s red brick rancher Lights flashed Radios squawked Uniformed and plainclothes law enforcement personnel hustled to work the scene Tabitha took little notice Her only concern was Sasha Those men from the mountain had found her home ruined her home and hurt her friend. The note they d left had her trembling, wondering if she would ever feel safe again Holding Sasha...

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    Really good book One of my favorite Love Inspired Suspense books in a while I love how the characters and plot unfolds as the story goes on It well written and planned out Tabitha and Rory have a special chemistry that makes them perfect for each other, and the troubles they face together.

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    Fantastic Suspense I loved it Couldn t put i down

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    It was a pretty good book.

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